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Dome Corporation of North America is an American company which manufactures and markets PATENTED prefabricated laminated wood DOMAR Domes, Barrel Buildings and material handling equipment. Rock salt, sand, potash, urea, phosphate, grain, raw sugar, petroleum coke - no matter what the product - the DOMAR Dome is the world leader in covering bulk storage needs. Our conveying systems are second to none and are designed especially to suit Dome Corporation of North America’s DOMAR domes and barrel buildings.

Dome Corporation of North America operates under various American and foreign patents. Our structures are widely used in North America and are exported throughout the world. Dome Corporation of North America was established in 1984 and has a proven and trusted name in the industry.

Dome Corporation of North America has the required facilities, resources and experienced personnel to completely design, engineer and fully manage construction of any size bulk storage project including materials handling. We also offer an instant in-house lease program .


DOMAR Domes can be built to handle virtually any amount of product. Standard domes range in size from 50 to 150 ft. in diameter and barrel buildings are limited only by the amount of land available. To determine what size dome is required for a given amount of product, see the sand/salt capacity chart on the Highway Sand/Salt Page or the fertilizer capacity chart on the Fertilizer Page. For a complete quote from our Engineering Department, fill in the quotation form or phone (989) 777-2050 from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday eastern time. We will respond to your request promptly.


Dome InteriorDome Corporation of North America's DOMAR domes and Barrel Buildings are readily accessible to trucks and loaders because of their high interior and clear span with no trusses or beams. Entranceways - as many as you need - can be made virtually any size and located anywhere on the perimeter of the building.

Due to their panelized construction DOMAR Domes can easily accommodate top-end loading systems. The shape of the Dome Corporation of North America DOMAR Dome means conveyors can enter the dome from any side, and can be suspended from the inside or supported externally. DOMAR Domes can be efficiently filled with a front-end loader or with the use of conveyors. For more in-depth information on Dome Corporation of North America's conveying systems please go to our Conveyors Page.


The DOMAR Dome has large entrance canopies which allow loaders to drive inside the structure. Its vast clear-span unobstructed interior ensures easy loading and unloading operations. No pillars, trusses or beams to worry about. No unused storage spaces or waste from left over material hiding in corners.

DOMAR Domes utilize a floating concrete wall, founded at grade, which can be of a height to accommodate your needs.
There is no need for expensive and time consuming below grade foundation construction with the Dome Corporation of North America's DOMAR Dome design.
This floating concrete wall also acts as a retaining wall for the stored product.

Dome ConstructionThe DOMAR Dome superstructure consists of rings of laminated lumber, stress skin design, modular panels which are prefabricated in our factory and can be bolted together in days to form a curved shell. The panels are covered with self-sealing asphalt shingles to provide a tough, water-proof outer skin on the dome. The shingles have an expected life span of at least 25 years.

The components of the DOMAR Dome - concrete, wood, asphalt shingles, galvanized hardware and other carefully selected construction materials - all make for a corrosion resistant storage system which requires virtually no maintenance. Dome Corporation of North America's DOMAR Domes are built to withstand the most severe weather conditions.

Barrel Buildings

In addition to our standard dome sizes, we also manufacture an elongated building referred to as the DOMAR "Barrel Building". The barrel building is formed (conceptually) by cutting a dome in half, stretching it out, and filling in the centre section with laminated lumber infill panels. These buildings can be made to virtually any length and to handle any amount of product and no extra reinforcement is required to support materials handling equipment. To see photographs of conveyor use in barrel buildings, take a look at our Conveyor page
The huge interior free span of these building allows both men and machines plenty of working room inside the structure. For photographs of existing barrel buildings check out our
Fertilizer Page and Industrial Page
Barrel buildings are used in many different types of facilities, they can store one product or many with the use of partitions.

From A Dome To A "Barrel"


The Dome Corporation of North America DOMAR Dome is the most cost effective non-corrosive bulk storage system available. Panels are prefabricated in our factory so construction time on site is at an absolute minimum. The building shape coincides closely with the natural pile of the product which minimizes the roof area required. The structures are designed to prevent expensive after market maintenance. To get an idea on what size dome is required for a given amount of product, see the capacity chart on the Highway Sand/Salt page. For a complete quote from our Engineering Department, fill in the quotation form or call our office at (989) 777-2050, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. We will respond to your request promptly.

Safeguarding the Environment

Our patented DOMAR Dome design helps you to protect your environment by safely covering piles of potentially corrosive product.
This ensures contamination, leaching and runoff does not occur and surrounding soil and ground water is protected.

In-House Lease Program

Dome Corporation of North America offers the following as part of our 'In-House Lease Program'.

Operating Lease or Lease Purchase Agreements
Fast In-House Lease Approvals
Competitive Rates
Terms to suit customer requirements
Quick turn-around

Standard Domes

Our standard DOMAR Domes are closed top and are supplied with one door opening.
Optional features available include, but are not limited to:

hatch at peak for top-loading conveyor
second or multiple entrances
extended canopy over entrances
door; sliding, overhead, manual or automatic
interior/exterior lighting
interior divider wall
doorway bulkheads

Past Customers

Listed below is a sampling (in alphabetical order) of companies who are now utilizing a Dome Corporation of North America or Bulk-Store Structures Inc. product.


Ministry of Transp. Ontario
Alberta Public Works Department New Brunswick Power Corp.
Brunswick Mining and Smelting Nitrochem
Canadian Carborundum Noranda Mining & Exploration
Canadian Rock Salt Co. Hydro Agri North America Inc.
Cement La Farge Group North American Salt Co.
Co-Op Federee de Quebec P.P.G. Industries
DOFASCO Port of Oshawa
DOMTAR Potash Co. of America
Department of Defense Canada Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan
Dept. of Transp. New Brunswick Sifto Canada Inc.
Dept. of Transp. Newfoundland Steetley Industries
Dept. of Transp. Nova Scotia Stegmann Fertilizer Co.
DOW Chemical Sylvite Sales Inc.
DuPont of Canada Terra Agromart Group
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd Toronto Transit Commission
Growmark Transport Canada (Airports)
Hensall Co-Op United Co-operatives
IMC Westcane Sugar Co.
INCO Wirt Stone
Kalium Chemicals

and numerous Cities, Counties, Municipalities & Toll Road Authorities.


Head Office
Dome Corporation of North America,
5450 East Street,
Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.

Phone: (989) 777-2050 
Fax: (989) 777-3477
East Coast Office
Dome Corporation of North America,
15 South Park Street,
Montclair, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Phone: (973) 744-0440 
Fax: (973) 744-8759
email: email:
Canadian Office
Bulk-Store Structures Inc.
20 Shamrock Road,
Erin, Ontario, Canada
N0B 1T0

Phone: (519) 833-9681
Fax: (519) 833-9344



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